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RFL assists our clients to analyze, assess and manage the risks implicit to investment and operations in Korea or abroad. We are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in understanding and dealing with political, security, operational risks and damage to clients’ reputation by providing practical strategies to successfully manage these risks.

RFL also provides our clients with detailed and focused assessments of the risks to their business operations, including analysis of specific regions. We can address the full range of risks and provide recommendations by advising on how to mitigate risks to ensure the continuity of your business operations.



RFL can provide political risk assessment and consultancy for companies and investment projects worldwide. RFL helps our clients identify, evaluate, assess and mitigate risk.


RFL offers comprehensive pre-entry risk analysis to companies contemplating major projects in new countries.


RFL verifies the integrity, reputation and professional credentials of our clients’ potential partners and appointees that are critical to the future and ongoing success of a venture as well as an organization.

- A foreign corporation on the verge of signing a multibillion-dollar contract with a prominent Korean construction company had concerns regarding the rumors of company’s imminent bankruptcy. RFL verified the facts and reported the authenticated details to the client.

- With a long-term contract with M&A consulting company in Korea, RFL has provided due diligence and risk analysis services to the client company.

- RFL regularly advises on sensitive international political issues such as terrorism, negotiation, and other international crime issues for government agencies and client companies. Mr. Dong-Young Lee, CEO of RFL regularly lectures on these topics for government institutions, universities and academies.

- A foreign client who planned to enter the Korean cigarette market inquired about Korean law enforcement agencies' willingness to investigate the illegal smuggling of cigarettes into Korea, and the Korean government’s inconsistent policy on such matters. RFL reported the current and future enforcement policies in a timely and professional manner.

- RFL provided risk analysis and due diligence services for a foreign corporate planning to invest US$2,000,000 in a joint venture in Korea.
- RFL provided risk analysis and due diligence services for a foreign client who wished to invest in a Korean insurance company and some advertising companies.

- Upon the request of a Korean businessman who wished to import scrap metal from the Philippines, RFL provided risk analysis and due diligence services on the matter in cooperation with our partner private investigation companies in the Philippines and Singapore.
- RFL provides its member clients with Monthly and Special Reports on various issues ranging from geopolitical and business risk to security and emergency responses.

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