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RFL’s research and investigation team, who come from a wide range of disciplines, studies and investigates complicated cases and client’s needs. RFL also conducts internal and external investigations into all types of corporate fraud activity and offers key fraud prevention and fraud detection advice. RFL provides its international clients with practical advice and measures on intellectual property and trade secret issues clients are facing.

RFL and its experts from various backgrounds provide professional research and evaluation services on political, social and criminal issues commissioned by government agencies, political parties, research institutions, NGOs and private companies.

Fraud is one of the biggest and most damaging risk businesses face. Our experts detect and investigate various cases involving regulatory violations, improper business relationships, conflicts of interest and bribery and corruption.

Counterfeiting, or any form of property rights infringement poses a significant threat to a company’s profitability and can affect a company’s survival. RFL’s experienced team provides a range of services to protect clients   against damages from counterfeiting.

- RFL provided professional services to investigate fraudulent claims of arson and staged car accident cases upon the request of Korean local insurance companies.

- RFL’s CEO, Mr. Lee, was commissioned to investigate the rumors and scandals surrounding the presidential candidates by the Presidential Candidates Screening Committee of the Grand National Party in 2007. Mr. Lee also chaired the Electoral Crime Investigation Department in the Voters Association for Clean Elections.

- EPSON KOREA Co. Ltd. suffered substantial damage to its reputation as a result of cheap, fake print inks made by a Chinese company, and requested RFL to investigate the fake printer inks smuggled into Korea from China. RFL monitored the Korean market and the illegal importation route daily, and provided critical evidence for Korean police, who later made raids on several markets.

- RFL had long term contracts with European liquor companies, for which RFL investigated illegal brewery and sales operations. With our critical evidence, local law enforcement agencies arrested more than 50 illegal brewers and dealers over the period of almost 20 years. RFL effectively coordinated with the media to prevent our clients and their brands’ reputation from being tarnished.

- RFL uncovered that a former employee had been manufacturing counterfeit goods at a secret location since his retirement. With our evidence and our client’s persuasion, he finally stopped manufacturing the counterfeit goods.

- A prominent German car manufacturer requested RFL to monitor the Korean market. RFL   monitored online and offline markets daily for a period of time.

- Mr. Lee, CEO of RFL, was appointed as ‘honorary advisor’ by the Counter Counterfeit Committee of the Ministry of Interior, Kingdom of Cambodia, and currently represents the Committee in Korea, and provides technical advice for the Committee. Mr. Lee is also a Certified Fraud Examiner of the Association of Fraud Examiners.

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