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S5. 보안 자문: FAQ

security advisory


In today's business environment, companies need to review and strengthen their security programs against various security threats. 

From security assessment to implementation, RFL's thorough and comprehensive services provide customers with a more efficient and effective proactive security program.


The main tasks of the security advisory service are as follows.


1. Establishment of information protection policies: We support the establishment of information protection policies related to corporate information security, such as information asset protection, threat response, and threat assessment.

2. Security threat assessment: Evaluates all security threats that may occur in information assets, networks, systems, access management, etc., and proposes countermeasures.

3. Project and Event Security: We offer comprehensive project security management services for companies developing new projects in high-risk environments, as well as event security packages covering all aspects of security at business conferences, sporting events and large annual general meetings.

4. Crisis Management Plan and Response: Create a comprehensive crisis management plan to deal with a wide range of contingencies, provide an on-site incident management team that stays with the customer until the problem is resolved, and implement procedures to ensure work and life return to normal support to return to

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Please understand that you can view specific cases after registering as a member.

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