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due diligence


We help our clients collect the necessary information before making important decisions, such as mergers and acquisitions or investments, review the given information, and evaluate risks to make better decisions and achieve better results.

In particular, as due diligence on the supply chain is becoming more important in recent ESG evaluation and implementation, we are helping customer companies to conduct due diligence on the supply chain based on our experience in risk management and various investigations.

A typical due diligence process for a business investment or merger or acquisition is as follows:

​1. Information collection: We collect information related to our core business, finance, legal, human resources, technology, and more. This information includes the company's assets and liabilities, financial and performance reports, legal matters, human resource management, and more.


2. Information analysis: We analyze the information we collect to identify risks and opportunities. This course reviews business models, markets, competition, technology, people, and more.


3. Report Creation: Create a report summarizing the analysis results. The report provides information on key risks and opportunities, assets and liabilities, financial and performance reports, legal matters, human resource management and more.


4. Decision Making: Make decisions based on reports. At this stage, key risks and opportunities are assessed, and a final decision is made by considering acquisition value and potential.


Due diligence following the above steps will reduce the risk of corporate investment or merger and acquisition decisions, and will allow you to achieve better results.


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