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ESG management advisory


As corporate stakeholders, from investors and customers to government agencies and the international community, increasingly pay attention to sustainable and socially responsible practices, the call for ESG management and strategy is more important than ever.

The impact of ESG on corporate value will grow further with the strengthening of ESG regulations by the government, the increasing demand for ESG from investors, the reflection of ESG in corporate evaluation, and the increasing demand for ESG from customers.


In response, RFL provides ESG-related services as follows.

1. ESG Risk Identification

  - Risk Analysis

  - Risk materiality assessment

  - Risk Prioritization


2. Formation and participation of dedicated teams and committees

  - Organize and participate in teams and committees according to circumstances

  - Dedicated team work support

3. ESG Risk Response

  - Identified and prioritized risk response strategy advice

  - Supports areas of existing lack of competence

4. ESG assessment preparation support

  - ESG management roadmap and report writing support

  - Review and continuous monitoring for ESG assessment

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Please understand that you can view specific cases after registering as a member.

S2. ESG 경영 자문: FAQ
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