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RFL is capable of providing its international clients with critical business information to help them make informed decisions. Our team collects and provides crucial intelligence and information that could protect business ventures, minimize financial losses, increase profits, preserve proprietary data and corporate reputations and produce a successful outcome in litigation.

In an increasingly globalized business environment, timely and accurate intelligence on your competitors’ operations, performance and strategies can give your company the edge. RFL provides its clients with crucial intelligence and analysis on competitors, and its products and services.

All companies are vulnerable to internal fraud. The damage can be devastating, ranging from financial losses, legal and regulatory issues to ruined reputations. Our experts can thoroughly investigate a case, help you take measures to stop improper activities, and prevent them from happening in the future.

RFL helps companies and government agencies verify the backgrounds and resumes of prospective employees.


- Upon the request of an American company, RFL audited and inspected the Company’s Korean branch office and its operation in Korea.

- An employee of one Korean shipbuilding corporation absconded after embezzling millions Euros from its European branch office. After an almost three-month long investigation in Korea, Europe, East Asia and Australia, RFL, along. with the law enforcement agencies and foreign partners, located the employee and his accomplice in Australia. They were later arrested by the Australian Federal Police and extradited to Korea, where they were sentenced to a lengthy jail term.

- A China based financial manager of a Korean company fled to USA after stealing millions of dollars from the company. In cooperation with its foreign partners, RFL team finally located him. He later served a jail term.

- RFL was contracted by a Chinese government owned shipping company to conduct an internal fraud investigation into its branch office in Korea. Subsequently RFL provided a critical piece of evidence needed for its legal team to locate the employee who embezzled USD60,000,000.

- Upon the request of a Korean law firm, RFL located a key witness in an international fraud case.

- Upon the request of an American sports company, RFL verified credentials of potential Korean partner.

- Thorough RFL’s foreign partner, a prominent British clothing company requested RFL to perform a background check on its Korean vendor.

- Upon the request of KPMG Canada, RFL investigated a case involving two Korean individuals who applied to immigrate to Canada. RFL verified the documents which the applicants submitted to Canadian government agency.

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